How much artificial grass do I need?

If you are considering laying artificial grass, you’ll actually need to know how much you need before buying/installing it. To do this, you’ll need to take some measurements.

If you are blessed with simple a rectangular or square space, measuring this will be easy as you’ll just need to measure length and width.  It could be the standard 13 x 10, which in that case you should multiply that figure to give you the square meter area. For example 130sqm After that you’ll want to either round UP to the nearest number or add on 5 % for wastage. 

 There are numerous artificial grass turf calculators that you can use online to help calculate the actual square footage of your space. Normally you don’t need a lot, as it’s usually a smaller space in your entirety of the garden which is dedicated too artificial grass.

 But here is a basic step by step on how to measure your area for artificial grass.

  •  Plan your space

 This is actually quite important. You are investing in artificial grass and usually the company will give you a custom quote depending on the size that you need. You’ll need to make sure that the space you are planning to use the artificial grass on is ready to be used. 

  • Use a tape measure!

 It may seem simple, but having accurate measurements will ensure that the artificial grass will look perfectly in the space that you plan on having it. 

  • Get a quote

After you have the measurements, you should now get a quote to see how much artificial grass is and how much grass that you actually need. When you have the lawn in hand and if you need supplies for edging, you can always use one of our products, one which is the VertEdge artificial grass edging and fixing system. If you are looking for a boarder the there is a product called Everedge which is currently on the market that works nicely with vertedge to give your turf a real clinical accurate finish. 

Final words

After you have done the research for how much you artificial grass you actually need, you should contact either a supplier or landscaping company of your choice to get accurate quotations and a the option for installation also.