Vertedge is a new revolutionary artificial grass edging system, designed to provide a neat 100% adhered, secure perimeter finish, outperforming any other product or method on the market today.


  • Fully integrated natural profiled finish
  • Can form to any curve/radius
  • Perimeter cannot be pulled up by pets or wild animals
  • Will help artificial grass to last longer (no perimeter failures)
  • Cost effective
  • Recyclable
  • Safe & secure
  • Simple to fix, user friendly
  • Light weight, easy to store and handle
  • Professional or DIY use
  • Works with all artificial grass surfaces
  • The new industry standard
  • Supplied in 750mm lengths.
  • Safe for Children and pets: No nails or pegs hammered through the artificial lawn which can come loose and cause injury.
  • Will last the lifespan of the artificial lawn: No Timber battens, which rot under the artificial lawn.
  • No receding or pushed up perimeters: The lawn edging finish will always look the same as the day it was installed.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Lawn Edging

Type 1 MOT Aggregate


6mm - 0 Granite dust


Existing Base


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VertEdge® is a revolutionary edging system used to 100% fully adhere the perimeter finish of artificial grass (the only product on the market to do so). This solves the problem of existing methods where edges can lift up and become a trip hazard.

VertEdge Adhesive

Used to securely fix artificial grass with VertEdge edging. This glue will cover 12m of VertEdge.

Fitting Guide

Please see our detailed fitting guide within the link below.


Looking for an easier way to install artificial grass?

Looking for an easier way to install artificial grass?

In an age of lockdown where we're spending more time at home than ever before, artificial grass has never been so popular. It's easy to see why. It's low maintenance, long-lasting, and durable. Who wouldn't want to wave goodbye to the lawnmower? And weeds! And yet,...

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