Award Winning Artificial Lawn Perimeter Fixing System

Innovative Product of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ award! 🎉

Our revolutionary artificial grass edging system has taken the industry to a whole new level. The recognition we have received through this award back in New Orleans has been amazing.

Winning this award truly shows the impact our dedication, innovation and hard work has had on the industry. We are looking forward to what the future holds for VertEdge and we have a feeling it is going to be green! 🌳💚👷

Proud to be exhibiting at
Futurescape 2023

We will be located at Stand K30 situated in the public spaces area, opposite the Mini Golf, showcasing our award winning product with live demonstrations.

VertEdge has been designed and thought out from over 35 years of knowledge in the flooring and artificial grass industry. It has been designed to provide a safer, stronger and smarter perimeter finish to an artificial lawn installation – there is nothing else in production worldwide that is similar to VertEdge in its design or application.

Current artificial lawn perimeter fixing methods are generally improvised using standard off the shelf building materials – i.e. wood, cement, plastic, nails, screws – with each contractor claiming their method is ‘the way to go’ and better than others. This creates confusion for the paying client/customer as there is no widely recognised industry standard for contractors to adhere to.

VertEdge addresses this issue with a purpose-designed product that provides consistency and uniform across the industry, which in turn would vastly improve the safety and quality of artificial grass installations for the end user. We believe that VertEdge is the solution to this recognised problem, and will become the industry standard.

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