Installation Tips

1: You only need a 3- 5mm bead of the adhesive when adhering the grass to VertEdge.  each tube should provide around 10-12 linear metres. 

2: The adhesive is quick setting,  once applied aim to make contact with the adhesive within 3-4 mins. 

3: When using against curves or going around circles, cut the thinned out sections in front of the V spring, the springs then become active allowing full flexibility.

4: Mitre the corners, A pair of sharp spring loaded tin snips are perfect to cut VertEdge. Start from the corners working towards the centre, then cut where the 2 sections overlap/meet, this allows for a better corner mitre.

5: When fixing VertEdge against an open edge/ Patio/ paving etc. we generally set the base section of VertEdge below the finish height at the same thickness of the grass being used i.e. 40mm grass/ 40mm below finish height. However we have found that some customers like the grass to sit up higher, so we set VertEdge higher to suit, VertEdge is very adjustable.

6:  Setting VertEdge around the perimeter, leave a gap of around 10mm – 15mm to tuck the grass into, depending on the grass thickness.

7:  When cutting the grass in, over cut the grass around 3mm for tucking the grass down. Don’t try to tuck too much grass down into the g

8: Cut the grass around the whole area first, ready to be adhered and tucked down, then pull back a side at a time and apply the adhesive, push the grass onto the VertEdge ensuring contact with the adhesive, then tuck the grass down keeping your other hand on the section where the adhesive is whilst tucking the grass down.

9:  A carpet bolster and a flooring lino knife, should be used to tuck the grass down.

10: When applying the finish layer of aggregate and pushing into the VertEdge cavity, you will find that some of the aggregate will spill over into the gap that the grass tucks into, ignore this until you are ready to install the lawn, then simply go around the perimeter with a small battery operated blower and gently blow away the aggregate that has dropped into the tucking gap. 

11: Always brush and sandfill the artificial lawn, once installed.

12: When using the nailed fixing method, ensure that the perimeter is flat and smooth for VertEdge to fix to.