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VertEdge® is a revolutionary edging system used to 100% fully adhere the perimeter finish of artificial grass (the only product on the market to do so). This solves the problem of existing methods where edges can lift up and become a trip hazard.

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Product Description

VertEdge is a revolutionary artificial grass edging system that has been designed to provide an extremely strong hold and a long-lasting solution for your lawn. Designed to go around the edge of your artificial grass, VertEdge blend seamlessly into your garden, all without having to pour concrete or dig up your garden. This option is great for anyone looking to have artificial grass installed. Enhanced Safety VertEdge is able to 100% adhere the edges of your artificial grass to the ground in your garden. The way that this system is built makes it practically impossible for the edges of your grass to lift, ensuring that your garden is safe and free from trip hazards for years to come. Low Maintenance Thanks to the approach to adhesion used by VertEdge, this system is incredibly low maintenance. You just need to have it installed and it will last for a very long time, and you can easily replace single sections of VertEdge if you need to make repairs down the line. Makes Lawns Look Great Artificial grass often betrays itself with its appearance. VertEdge can help to solve this, providing an even hold across all of your grass, and making the whole law look a lot more natural. Many people are surprised when they find out that a lawn is using VertEdge; it’s practically invisible. Artificial Grass Ed

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