Is artificial grass too hot for dogs?

If you have a dog, you are probably wondering if they can use artificial grass.  Installing artificial grass is an investment, so you’ll definitely need to make sure that your dog can use it.

Artificial grass is made out of synthetic materials which are basically plastic. Plastic retains heat very well, which means it can get hot when the sun is beating on it. Never the less, this is not much different to having a patio with slabs or sand which also gets quite hot in the sun.

The great thing about artificial grass is there are some steps you can take to make the lawn more comfortable for your beloved pets… and we can give some tips on how to make it safer for your dog to use.

Spray it down

Before letting your dog on the grass, it’ll be a very good idea for you to grab the hose and spray it down with some water. It’ll be easier for the dog to walk on when it’s not so hot. 

Make sure there’s shade

Whether there is natural grass or artificial grass, you’ll want to make sure that there is shade for your dog. Dogs can get hot very fast and they also love the outdoors, but dealing with a dog with a heat stroke is not fun at all. They can literally die from it.  So, if you haven’t installed your artificial lawn yet, make sure it’s in an area with shade. 

Invest in a dualchill artificial lawn

There are some artificial lawns that come with the dualchill technology that helps lower the temperature of the grass. This is great if you are planning to use it for leisurely use and for your dog.  This technology can lower the grass temperature by 20%, which can make a huge difference when your dog is enjoying the artificial grass.

Final Words

Your dog can enjoy the artificial grass if it’s comfortable. Remember to check the temperature before allowing them on it.  If you are worried about urine smell from the dog, take comfort knowing that urine does not make the artificial grass smell. In fact, you can just wash off the lawn after the dog is done using/playing on it. And most importantly… You’ll be happy knowing that your dog won’t get dirty since there is no mud/dirt on these lawns, so go ahead and let your dogs play on it.