Is Artificial Grass Safe For Dogs?

In many ways, pets are like small children. They require a high amount of care and attention. If you’re the owner of an adorable dog, the chances are high that you would make it your top priority to look out for its safety. That’s why you should always check how safe it would be for your dog to play on artificial grass. Many homeowners with dogs prefer to install natural grass in their homes because they are sceptical about the effect of artificial turf on their pets.


But the truth is that almost all artificial grasses now days are made from non-toxic materials. This makes them safe for all types of dogs, pets and children. This piece will tell you everything you need to know about your furry friends safety and laying artificial turf to suit them.


Is Artificial grass Grass Safe?

The truth is that artificial grass has undergone a lot of development over the years. Today, most artificial turf manufacturers refrain from using toxic materials for their products. As a result, you should note of where artificial turf was made, who made it, and when. There are some imported variants of artificial turf that contain lead. The presence of information is a serious hazard to humans and pets, especially if ingested. So, make sure you carry out a fair amount of research on them.


Let’s say you have a dog who can’t resist chewing on the leaves of your artificial lawn. It’s important to note that this type of surf is a safe option. To maintain a natural looking lawn, you may need to treat it with chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your pet.


How To Spot Good Artificial Grass

According to information on Celebrity Greens, ticks, fleas, and other small insect pests will find it difficult to survive in artificial grass. Therefore, you and your dog don’t have to worry about treating the artificial fauna in your garden. Be on the lookout for grasses that are urine-resistant. They also need to have good drainage to avoid a build-up of liquids and it’s also a great idea to pick a grass that U.S. and EU safeguards have inspected. This way, you can be certain that there is no lead or dangerous toxins in it.


Never forget to check through the materials present in the body of the artificial turf. All these materials must be non-toxic and naturally sourced.


What Should You Avoid?

To avoid any case of lead poisoning or harmful effects on you and your pet, you should avoid imported products that have been on the market for a long time. Instead, opt for newer variations that were made by safer processes. Always opt out of grasses that do not clearly state how they have made their turf and what it was treated with. By investing in a safe artificial turf, you can protect the life of your pet and avoid a potential costly visit to the vet.



Yes, artificial grass is safe for pets to use. Today, many synthetic turfs on made from naturally sourced and safely manufactured materials. As far as choosing the right product from the market, do your due-diligence so you can rest assured that your pet will be safe.