How to Maintain Artificial Grass

If you've just invested in an artificial lawn, you probably want to keep your new garden in pristine condition. A major advantage of synthetic turf is that it requires no mowing, no cutting and no applying fertilisers like standard lawn. Whilst there's no need for trudging up and down the lawn, there are still some easy maintenance tips that can extend your grass' lifespan even further.

Clear leaves

A simple step to take to keep your grass looking fresh is to regularly remove leaves from it. Particularly in autumn and winter, leaves can accumulate outside, and whilst the wind often blows them away, they can easily pile up on your lawn. Using a brush, rake, or even a leaf blower works well to remove them. If your lawn is surrounded by hedges or trees, consider trimming them back occasionally to limit the amount of leaves that fall down.

Remove pet mess

If you are a pet owner, you probably can’t stop them going to the toilet outside. However, to keep your artificial grass in top shape, it’s important to remove any debris or pet faeces as soon as possible. If not, pieces could accumulate and build into a larger mess. Using a dustpan and brush, or wet paper towel works well to take those pieces of poop away.

Hose down

Every so often, you might want to give your artificial grass a hose down with water. This is particularly useful if you've got a dog or cat who uses the lawn for its toilet. If an area is badly soiled, applying a small amount of ‘artificial grass friendly ‘detergent to the area and then washing with water should keep it fresh and clean.

Leave it alone!

If there has been snow or ice outside, we recommend leaving your artificial grass alone, rather than trying to manually remove it. If you try to scrape ice away, it could damage the synthetic blades. Therefore, leaving it to simply melt away is the best way to avoid any damage.

Replace when necessary

Artificial grass has an impressive lifespan. However, when it does reach the end of its life, it’s important to remove and replace it. If not, you might find that a very old turf looks unsightly. Don’t forget to think about sustainability when removing an old lawn – we recommend taking it to your local recycling centre, or repurposing it for another use. 


You’ll be happy to learn that artificial grass really does require very little maintenance. However, with these simple tricks your turf is sure to last a long and healthy life. The sight of your pristine green lawn is sure to wow your guests all year round – and you can leave the mower in the shed!