How To Clean Artificial Grass

One of the most interesting features to artificial grass is that it stays bright green all year round! No matter the weather or season, rain or snow will not affect the appearance of your artificial lawn. It will also in turn save you a lot of money on annual maintenance. You won’t need to constantly clean, trim, mow or apply fertilizers to the grass. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on other things.


While your artificial grass will remain bright green throughout the year, you will still need to clean it regularly. By cleaning your fake turf, you will keep it looking fresh all year round and  by removing spills and stains accumulated on it, you will contribute to the ultimate longevity and life span of your lawn. The real question is - how do you clean artificial grass? You’ll find the answer to what you want to know in this guide.


What’s The Best Way To Clean Artificial Grass?

You need to note that the method you choose in cleaning your artificial grass will largely depend on what you intend to clean up. Using the wrong materials or process to clean your artificial turf may cause irreparable damage. It could also reduce the overall aesthetic appeal of the turf.


The following tips will show you how to clean your fake grass in different scenarios;


Large Debris

If you have pieces of large debris on your grass, such as branches, twigs, plastic wrappers, etc., it’s a great idea to handpick them and dispose of them completely. By picking up the large debris from your artificial turf, you will be able to improve the look of your garden fairly easily. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner to pick up large trash because it can pull up the grass while cleaning it.


Small Debris

During cases when you have seeds, leaves, and other small debris that won’t break down easily and sink into the soil, you can use a leaf blower or broom to clean it up. By keeping the grass free of small debris, you will get a greener artificial lawn.



Your pets won’t think twice about easing themselves on your lawn. While you may do your best to reduce the area where they mess up, it’s important to remember that all pets are not amenable. You can easily remove solid waste with a plastic bag and a simple scoop. But liquid waste demands that you clean the area with water to remove the urine from the surface. If you have more than one dog, you must rinse your artificial grass regularly. There are also a multitude of cleaning and anti-scent solutions available on the market to date to help you combat the smells.


Snow and Ice

When dealing with snow and ice, the best option for you is to let it drain away naturally. You see, the snow will thaw and melt after some time. It’s important to be careful using equipment such as shovels to take care of the artificial grass because they can scrape and damage its surface. Only use the shovel to take care of the upper layers of thick snow.



Without any doubt, cleaning your artificial lawn will prolong its lifespan and keep it looking fresh for a long period. However, it helps to go about it the right way. The best way to prolong the life and get the most out of your lawn is always to be delicate with the cleaning, use the correct products and always let nature take its course in a cold winter allowing things like snow and ice to melt in a natural way.