How Expensive Is Artificial Grass

When landscaping your new garden or merely sprucing up your old one, you will often have to decide whether you prefer to have a natural lawn or opt for an artificial grass.

It is helpful to carefully consider the expenses incurred in having either a natural lawn or artificial grass for your landscape. This can help determine the best choice for your garden based on the kind of property and your budget. Now, you might want to ask yourself - what are the costs included in having artificial grass? Or how expensive is having artificial grass? Well lets take a brief look at both sides of the coin…

The Cost Of Installation

Artificial grass is a synthetic product that consists of plastic materials that are made to look like lush living grass that is used to cover the surface of an area such as a garden. Regardless of the time of the year, it provides that lush and vibrant-looking lawn that many homeowners desire to have on their property. Gradually, synthetic grass is gaining more popularity as homeowners want to cut down maintenance costs, such as the amount of time spent on watering, fertilizer, petrol, and oil for lawnmowers and lawn trimmers.

Apart from the installation cost, there are major additional costs to adding artificial grass to your property. The only further costing will be a negligible cost of maintenance or maintaining the environment where it is laid. When the artificial grass is installed, it can basically  pay for itself compared to natural turf.  The cost of installing artificial grass is equivalent to maintaining a natural lawn for about 3–7 years. The only maintenance it needs is sweeping and sanitizing, which can be done bi-monthly.

Even though it can be easily installed, the installation cost of artificial grass differs based on where you live and the supplier you choose. As of 2022, an artificial grass installer in Southern England UK noted that “medium to high grade” synthetic grass in his area cost £20 - £35 + vat per square meter at the beginning of the project. 

Other Related Costs

Other costs associated with the installation and maintenance of artificial grass can add about 75% to the overall costs of synthetic turf. In the building, you may have to rent equipment and earth removal fees and hauling or delivery fees to the supplier. There are different ranges of prices as the qualities also differ. According to, the average cost of artificial turf costs about £3.81- £15.25 per square foot.

There are several costs involved in installing artificial grass; though you can theoretically do it yourself, better results are often achieved when turf professionals are hired to install it. If the proper infill materials and anti-shock layer are correctly used artificial grass will typically last 15 -25 years. (This does not mean that the timber edging will last this long if that is what has been used to fix the edging down)


The costs involved in installing include paying for the artificial grass (£9.40 per square foot), jointing tape, jointing adhesive, kiln-dried sand, and so on. All things considered, the total cost of installing artificial grass in a 500-square-foot yard is around £2366.85 to £5524.42 The above-listed amount includes both labor and materials to install artificial. This equals to approximately the same amount in maintaining a natural lawn for about 3-7 years. Artificial grass installation is a one-off expense, as it has no additional costs after installation, unlike a natural grass.