How do you clean artificial grass?

One of the main reasons why artificial grass is so popular these days is because of it’s low maintenance.  Homeowners who have artificial lawns will never have to worry about fertilizing, mowing or using excess water ever again.  It’s still not maintenance free, but if you have no time in general, you can maintain it when you have the time, making it perfect for busy lifestyles.

Cleaning artificial grass

If you have children, pets or plan on using the space often, you’ll definitely do more maintenance than a space that won’t see a lot of physical activity.  The same is true if you live in an area that is more desert-like where it’s often dusty. With that said, you’ll need to water down your lawn often to keep it in tip top shape. 

How to do weekly lawn maintenance 

Just once a week, you can wash down your lawn and call it a day. It will get rid of most dirt and debris. This is the basic cleaning that you should do at least once a week. If you live in an area where it rains often, then you may not even have to do anything.

How to do monthly lawn maintenance

For this, it usually involves deeper synthetic cleaning. It will help to keep your lawn green, clean and inviting. You can either use a broom or a flexible leaf raker. You can use that to sweep/brush out the dirt and debris thoroughly.   

If for some reason, you have moved into a home that has artificial grass that hasn’t been maintained, you’ll definitely want to get it professionally groomed. 

How to remove pet’s waste

If you happen to have pets that does their business outside, you’ll definitely want to do the following to make sure that your lawn will stay clean

  1. If the pet defecate on the artificial grass, pick it up right away
  2. Wash away the urine at least once a week
  3. Use a turf neturalizer (it helps with the smell and such)

What may help is just creating an area on the artificial grass for the pets, so that it will be easier to clean in the long run and besides pets typically have a “favorite” area when it’s time to go to the bathroom. 

How to remove bacteria and stains from artificial grass

For bacteria, you can simply use half water, half vinegar to wash off all bacteria ( if there is any as it’s synthetic so it doesn’t typically harbor bacteria).

As far as stains, you can just use the hose if you respond quickly as artificial lawns are usually stain resistant thanks to the synthetic material. 

Final Words

Keeping an artificial lawn clean is actually pretty easy. It’s one of the top reasons why more and more homeowners are investing in one because it’s extremely easy to keep clean and maintain.  

All you need to do is grab the hose most times and the lawn is fairly clean. With proper care, artificial grass can last for many years and you can avoid real substantial damage that is done to the lawn.