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VertEdge Adhesive

Used to securely fix artificial grass with VertEdge edging. This glue will cover 12m of VertEdge.

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Product Description

VertEdge Adhesive is designed to provide a long-lasting hold around the perimeter of your artificial grass. It is easy to use, with each bottle containing enough adhesive to cover up to 12m of VertEdge, and it will quickly cure to ensure that your lawn is secure from day one. VertEdge enables you to install artificial grass without wooden beams or other complicated construction, and just about anyone can install it with VertEdge Adhesive. Naturally Profiled Finish VertEdge and VertEdge Adhesive take advantage of the natural flexibility of artificial grass, giving you a naturally profiled finish that will follow the contours of your garden. Safe For Kids & Pets VertEdge Adhesive is strong and almost impossible to break, making it ideal for gardens where children and animals play. No pegs or nails are used, and the edges of your grass will never raise up, keeping your garden free from hazards. Long-Lasting VertEdge Adhesive has been designed to outlast the artificial grass it holds down. This ensures that your lawn will look just as good on day one as it does years down the line, giving you the chance to simply enjoy your lawn. No Degredation VertEdge Adhesive won’t degrade over time, and this means that once it has been applied you won’t need to change it until you change the grass in your garden. This is ideal for anyone who wants to leave their garden to do its own thing.

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